Coastal Mindflayer Mug

Coastal Mindflayer Mug

This Green Mindflayer was found on the edge of a costal town not far from the docks. Unusually for a Mindflayer, he seemed to have hunted almost exclusively from the ocean. A traveling salesman sold me a few and for the life of me nobody will give me an answer on how exactly he made them. I've asked everyone from wizards to adventurers. Funny thing is they stay completely still unless you look away, and then from the corner of your eye.... or maybe its my imagination. Mind you, working at the Inn you see a lot of strange things.

This mug is made to order, if you'd like a different colour scheme let me know in the notes of your order.


Hot and Cold safe

Microwave safe

Food safe

Hand Wash Only

Seller is not liable for any fingers/limbs lost after purchase.


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