Goat, the Multi Eyed Mimic

Goat, the Multi Eyed Mimic

This goaty Mimic is a bit strange, I'm not going to lie. Possibly vegitarian, never seen it go for anything alive, but it does like munching on the salad bowls. Check it's insides regularly, I have found that this particular mimic likes to snatch up near by coins and treasure, I think it's hording for when it evolves into a chest mimic. Actually, I think it just eats anything not tied down. Taking the coins and jewels away regularly will keep your mimic small and cute, instead of big and nasty.Yes, he really is giving you the side eye.... That big, big side eye.


Hot and Cold safe

Microwave safe

Food safe


Hand Wash Only

Seller is not liable for any fingers/limbs lost after purchase.


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