Mimic shotglass set

Mimic shotglass set


A Hatchling Mimic is a newly spawned monstrosity no bigger than a small bird. Typically amorphous until they gain their first inspirational object. They tend to stay in one place feeding on the small scraps that their spawn mother passes onto them. After consuming enough magical or living material they will eventually metamorphose into a Young Mimic. There have been reported cases where the Guardian Mimic of a nest passes away and the Hatchling Mimics must hunt for themselves. In the case of the Hatchlings born at The Monster Inn, they take the shape of shot glasses, egg cups, cooking utensils and other small objects. They have also been known to take the shape of tiny chests, perhaps as a way of emulating older, classic chest mimics. Small but nasty, these baby Mimics will have a finger off your hand before you can finish saying “Isn’t this little mimic cute!” Mostly at this stage, Hatchling Mimics feed on small rodents, coins and scrap.


Hot and Cold safe

Microwave safe

Food safe

Hand wash only