A fantasy TTRPG themed sculpting company specialising in Mimic related products!

Welcome to my Tavern!

Please feel free to take a look around. Grab a drink while you do! First ones on us. 

Here at the Monster Inn, we breed the best Companion Mimics in the world. Raised by hand, they naturally take the shape of tavern mugs. They do also occasionally pop up in other weird and wonderful shapes. Scroll along below or head over to the shop page to see what we have in stock.

If you're suspicious you have a Mimic infestation, we also stock Mimic Warning labels to help you identify possible Mimics. If you would like a custom Mimic raised, please send us a message! We love a challenge and with enough coaxing, a Mimic will take any shape you want it too.

Check out the portfolio page for some of our favourite Mimics and their descriptions or head over to the stats page to find up what you're up against. For a more detailed history of how we came to be, read "Founding of The Monster Inn"!

Have fun and keep your hands in your pockets if you want to keep them.

Freya Underfoot

'Owner' of The Monster Inn