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Here at The Monster Inn we have extensively studied the Mimics and mugs that have come into our possession. We have compiled these handy stat sheets for any adventurer that might need them! Also available here are maps of our wonderful tavern for you to use in your own adventures...... good luck escaping. 

Press the photos to see more info.

All art done by the incredibly talented Rudoks Tavern, they can be found at !


Zpytihnev the Mimic


Lolth the Mimic

Monster Inn (1).png

The Monster Inn Map

Stat Sheets

Growth stages of a Mimic
Mimic Tower
Monoculus Mimic Mug
Two-Eyed Mimic Mug
Four-Eyed Mimic Mug
Multi-Eyed Mimic Mug
Mindflayer Mug
All Stat Sheets
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