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Tower of Vainglorious Glutton


There are several reasons that the creation of constructs is usually left to

arch mages in general, but the *Tower of the Vainglorious Glutton*

is one very specific example of what can go wrong when a mere

journeyman wizard attempted to hasten the process.

Despite being warned and advised on the process, Bernard Vannath, an

understudy of Brielbara, forged the body of a flesh golem out of

experimental organs thought to be helpful to different races (such as a

dragonborn throat, the brain of an elf, swim bladder of a Sahuaghin, etc.)

in an attempt to make a superior flesh golem with more abilities.

It is unknown as to what actually happened on the fateful day in which this tower came into sentience, but it is assumed that in an attempt to garner favor and circumvent both the litany of spells expensive reagents Bernard actually attempted to bind a soul to the golem to essentially create a warforged. Because of the thrown together nature of the golem, the imprecision used in the spellcasting, and not having a prearranged participant soul, the spellcasting went awry and pulled a "soul" for lack of a better term from the Far Realm.

Due to the incompatibility of the flesh golem parts and being unable to attach itself to Bernard directly, it is thought that the magic at play caused the soul from the Far Realm to bind to the tower itself, turning it into the lumbering mimic monstrosity it is today.

Many stories are used to warn and frighten novice and apprentice wizards, and while knowledge of the actual tower itself has been lost to the ages, the story of its creation is used to warn even experienced wizards not to meddle with powers beyond their ken, as it is thought that Bernard was the first victim of his own creation. Rumors abound that Bernard's corpse, as well as the amalgamated body of his flesh golem, still exist within the mimic as enticements for would be adventurers attempting that would attempt to restart the research that was being conducted on improved flesh golems.

We spent quite some time studying this weird wonder of the world, and put together a stat sheet to help out any traveler that is unlucky enough to find themselves face to face with one of their own.

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