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Sourced from Etsy and Reviews emailed in my verified customers. Please if you have purchased from us, email us a review! It really, REALLY helps! 


January 31, 2021

Mimic Warning Stickers

I love these stickers! Great quality and came quickly

Elizabeth L, etsy


 18 Sep, 2019

Four Eyed Mimic Mug

Best crafted Mug, i've ever seen. All custom requests were done on Point. I also LOVE the nothe that came with it <3. Im so happy i bought one of those fellas.
10/10 would buy again. Great Work.

Maximilian H, Etsy


02 May, 2020

Mindflayer Mug

My mug is awesome and I experienced great customer service as well! Highly recommended!

Pam Wellman, Etsy


 24 Jan, 2019

Four Eyed Mimic Mug

Absolutely fantastic! The perfect gift for my GM. The pictures dont do it justice and I will be recommending it to anyone who is looking for something unique and well made as a gift or just for themselves.

Ben Keeton, Etsy


29 Jan, 2021

Mimic Warning Stickers

Note in package was so cute! The stickers themselves are well made!

Jessica, Etsy


04 Dec, 2020

Mimic Warning Stickers

We've had to be very careful with what we put these stickers on. Thank you so much!

Jenny, Esty

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